Amanda Brinkman: Winning with a goodness culture

By Paul Batz, CEO and Founder, Good Leadership

Last Friday, March 24, was the kick-off of the 2023 Good Leadership Breakfast Series. It was the 101st episode and we turned to one of our favorite leaders – Amanda Brinkman – to get the series off to a good start. One of the things Good Leadership Breakfast guests expect is to hear something surprising from their speaker. Amanda didn’t disappoint:

“I had this moment that I’m labeling as my Cosmic Swirl. I was listening to my inner curiosity about what’s next for me and doodling about what I wanted in my life to be really satisfied and fulfilled. I call that Cosmic Swirl.”  For the rest of the morning, the guests were musing on their own versions of Cosmic Swirl.

Listen to the podcast, featuring Good Leadership President, Kevin Sensenig, and me, debriefing the insights and success habits shared by Amanda Brinkman.

The theme for the spring series is: Winning with a goodness culture. We all agreed the trademark of a “goodness culture” is an employee population where people are enjoying their work and thriving together.  And, because of that joy, they “seek accountability” – because accountability is a good thing.

Tickets for the April 14, 2023, Good Leadership Breakfast are available here – the speaker is Christine Geissler, Global SVP, Human Resources of Reckitt. 

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Paul Batz

Paul Batz is CEO and Founder of Good Leadership Enterprises. He is an inspirational leadership coach, best selling author and professional speaker. His Good Leadership blog is recognized as one of the top leadership posts in America today.