Enter A New Era of Coaching.

Coaching is the ability to identify and accelerate the potential in people. What if you could multiply that endeavor exponentially? The answer is coaching teams.

The Team Momentum™ Coaching Certification equips you with a coaching strategy that empowers you to scale beyond a one-and-done approach to create a culture where teams align and thrive together.

August 10th

11 am – 3 pm CT

August 17th

11 am – 3 pm CT

August 24th

11 am – 3 pm CT

$ 2,750 /person

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The Process

Virtual Training

Engage in three 4-hour live virtual training sessions with a community of like-minded coaches, all facilitated by our team of Good Leadership coaches.


Complete readings that unlock a deeper understanding of team dynamics so that you can bring teams to the next level.

Break-Out Sessions

Discuss case studies of how the Team Momentum Survey© can bring insight into positive momentum and areas for development.

Personally experience the power of the Team Momentum Survey©

ICF certified for 14 Continuing Coach Education Hours

The data-driven approach helped break down skepticism and fear of “fluffy stuff.” That was particularly important because the initial Team Momentum Survey© scores were abysmal. As coaches, we were able to help the team pinpoint why the project was failing and identify areas of positive momentum to build confidence.

Peter Germann

Peter Germann

Executive Coach

The Beauty of Coaching Teams to Higher Performance Together Without the Trust Falls and Kumbayas

The Application & Benefits

  • Develop your ability to coach teams and build a foundation based on the Team Momentum Model.

  • Capture and leverage data about team dynamics to aid your coaching practice.

  • Become adept at using and interpreting the Team Momentum Survey© to improve team results.

  • Achieve higher ROI for client organizations.

  • Increase influence through deeper relationships with business leaders across the organization.

Is the Team Momentum™ Coaching Certification Right for You?

$2,750 per person

The Outcomes

  • Become officially certified to use the Team Momentum Survey©.
  • Receive one free Team Momentum Survey© to use for your organization or with your clients.
  • Take advantage of reduced pricing for future Team Momentum Surveys©.
  • Achieve ICF continuing coach education (CCE) hours: 9 core competency credits and 5 resource development.
  • Obtain access to key, proprietary coaching tools: Structured Check-in, Understanding Goodness, Team Type and Style Worksheet, Seven Fs Insight Tool, and the Team Momentum Worksheet.

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