Glen Gunderson Radiates Goodness

Glen Gunderson Radiates Goodness – Meet Glen on May 19

Glen Gunderson survived a challenge that toppled many other Minnesota leaders; he successfully combined entities from Minneapolis and St. Paul into one thriving social enterprise. Anyone who knows the ideological divide created by the Mississippi River is certain to find his story of goodness and good leadership spellbinding.

Friday, May 19, is the final episode of the 2023 Spring Good Leadership Breakfast Series featuring Glen Gunderson, CEO of the YMCA of the North. Glen will round out the series’ long discussion on the theme: Winning with a Goodness Culture. Glen’s perspective will be added to what we learned in March from Amanda Brinkman, CEO of Sunshine Studios, and from Christine Geissler, SVP of Global Human Resources for Reckitt, in April.

The Who’s Who in Minnesota Youth Development
Since Glen joined the YMCA as CEO, he’s attracted the best and brightest of Minnesota leaders to populate the YMCA of the North Board of Directors. “It’s easy to engage the influential people of Minnesota in a discussion about what’s best for our children,” he shared in the preparation interview for his appearance on May 19. “The people of this community really do care about giving kids every opportunity to succeed.”

What we will hear from Glen at the Good Leadership Breakfast on Friday, May 19 are his thoughts on how to get powerful people working together for the good of kids – and the greater good of the community. Yes, he leads a non-profit. But building a brighter future for kids is a serious business. He will share some of his success habits and simple thoughts about how all of us can help advance the mission of the YMCA of the North.

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