How Winning with a Goodness Culture creates your Organization’s Difference

By Kevin J. Sensenig, Ph.D., RODP

President and Chief Learning Officer, Good Leadership

Recently, in a leadership alignment meeting, a global leader talked with his team about how current world events are adding to his sense of stress, pressure, and fear as a leader. He articulated to the team that he needs to turn down the dark noise around him to find goodness and joy in his team and his work. What a powerful insight and commitment to finding goodness and joy in life and work.

As springtime begins to break through, it feels like an opportune time to recommit ourselves to finding goodness and joy both personally and professionally in our work, our team, and our organization. So, how do we maintain that optimism and positive energy in the midst of challenges, difficulties, and change? How do we win with a goodness culture and make that culture the difference in our organization?

Join us for the Good Leadership Breakfast on Friday, April 14th at the Metropolitan Ballroom. The guest speaker will be Christine Geissler, Global SVP of Human Resources for Reckitt’s Nutrition and eCommerce businesses. Christine has amazing life and professional experiences in dealing with challenging situations and not just overcoming the difficulties, but embracing goodness that allows others to thrive. She will share her thoughts on building and sustaining a goodness culture and offer success habits you can use in building and sustaining the culture you desire in your organization.

You will also have an opportunity to participate in a brief workshop with other participants as you prepare to take the ideas from the breakfast and engage with your team in implementing those concepts. We will be featuring the book—Be the Difference—a practical example for how organizations can embrace their leadership culture as “the difference”—weighing how leaders reward or stop the attitudes and behaviors that become an organization’s culture—and make the culture real for customers.

Looking forward to seeing you on April 14th. Get your ticket now.

Kevin Sensenig

Kevin Sensenig is the President and Chief Learning Officer of Good Leadership. With 30+ years of experience in management, leadership, education, and training for businesses, Kevin's strengths lie in listening, synthesizing information, and helping individuals use the best from within themselves to deliver outstanding results.