Turning Challenges into Opportunities for Teams

Goodness Pays Leadership System©

Black and white image with lightbulbs hanging down in a Newton's Cradle with the far right most lightbulb pulled away from the others

Good Leadership’s team of coaches apply a well-coordinated set of tools and processes to ensure the next level of success.


Big opportunity, compelling plan (your meaning), and values


Shared resources and incentives, leadership assessment and development, positive teamwork

Open Accountability

Leadership expectation model, public scorecard, and healthy tension

How Goodness Pays

Improve your company’s business results. Help your team improve their personal effectiveness and leadership capabilities.

Research that defines the connection between goodness and business in leadership.

What is Goodness and how does it pay? The results speak for themselves. Goodness in business is when people thrive together in a culture of encouragement, accountability, and teamwork. How Goodness Pays features research that identifies five factors practiced by leaders who report consistent positive financial results in their businesses.

Executive Team Coaching

Measure how well your people are working together—using data, tools, and professional coaches to improve organizational performance.

Boards Practice

Align the CEO and Board Chair partnerships to plan more strategically and successfully navigate uncertainty.

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