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Businesses don’t grow by protecting the status quo. Business growth is fueled by aspirational thinking. The best business leaders learn to stop fighting fires and instead focus on aligning the team and the organization on the bigger picture.

Learning to lead a growing business isn’t as simple as a one-time e-learning course or attending an offsite retreat. It’s about the ongoing process of creating a shared vision and developing mutual commitment and accountability to achieve that vision. It’s about getting off the hamster wheel of the day-to-day and doing the hard work that’s necessary to remove the organizational suffering associated with misalignment.

This is why Good Leadership coaches executive teams. When the team at the top is not aligned, everyone suffers. We understand how to force good leaders off the hamster wheel so they can tackle misalignment — and build something special together.

Business Clients We’ve Worked With

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Good leadership in healthcare can be the difference between life and death; both in people’s lives, and the life of the business. Even before the Covid pandemic, policy changes, strategic alliances, and start-ups have challenged how healthcare companies stay healthy.

That’s why leadership isn’t as simple as implementing best practices or proven processes. Ths market is changing too quickly. It’s imperative to develop a strong culture, where trust is strong throughout every level of the organization. The place to start is making sure the executive leaders are aligned, committed, and accountable to the same goals. It also means recognizing how each person’s contributions drive the shared vision of delivering quality care.

That’s the reason we coach healthcare teams. Because when the team at the top is aligned, the entire organization is focused on exceptional patient care and health outcomes.

Healthcare Clients We’ve Worked With

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Sports & Entertainment

The Sports & Entertainment sector is growing by leaps and bounds. The competitive forces are huge and complicated. Individual egos, team dynamics, and shrewd strategy decisions all play a role in commercial success.

Executive Coaching in this space is about rethinking the role of how business leaders treat one another and how they handle talent. It’s about recognizing how everyone’s interactions, whether positive or negative, directly impact outcomes for the team and the organization.

We love sports. And we crave stimulating entertainment. That’s why we coach executive teams and develop leaders in Sports & Entertainment. Because Good Leadership knows that when the team is aligned and thriving together, they win together.

Sports & Entertainment Clients We’ve Worked With

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