Why should we be optimistic about the future?

Good Leadership has been hosting the breakfast for 12.5 years now: 97 episodes. There have been many topics, but none more important than the theme for this fall: Why should we all be optimistic about our future?

This time of year is harvest and back to school, that’s nothing new. However, this year is also a return to the office for many people who’ve been working from home, or remote, for more than two years. Multiple news sources have reported increased levels of anxiety, stress, and fear related to getting into this “new normal” for work. The tensions are also heightened by the escalation of “dark noise” from news about war, disease, crime, politics, government, and business shenanigans reported by media with a bad news bias.

One of the main reasons to return to the office is to share the same air with leaders who are positive people who are genuinely optimistic about the future.

The three Good Leadership Breakfast speakers this fall are positive people, who each have a uniquely informed reason to be optimistic about our future.

Pete Bevacqua, Chairman of NBC SportsSeptember: Pete Bevacqua, CEO of NBC Sports, is one of the world’s most influential sports and entertainment executives. He oversees extraordinary events, including the Olympics, and his job is increasingly involved in geopolitics and global relations. With everything he sees and deals with, I will be as curious as you are to learn why he thinks we should be positive about our future.

October: Lisa Wright, CEO of Community Health Choice, based in Houston, TX. Compassion comes alive in healthcare executives whose programs include the poorest of the poor. Lisa’s experience includes providing vision and stability for people whose daily existence depends on basic access to things that most people take for granted. She and her team are steadfast in teaching healthy options and wellness opportunities to more than 400,000 people in and around Houston. With everything she sees and deals with, I will be as curious as you to learn why she thinks we should be optimistic about our future.

November: Bill George, Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School and former Chair and CEO of Medtronic. Bill is a Minneapolis resident whose success as the CEO of Medtronic and a bestselling author created his celebrity status in the business world. For more than 20 years he has been teaching future generations of leaders at Harvard. And he likes what he sees in the hearts and minds of those leaders. With everything he sees and deals with, I will be as curious as you to learn why he thinks we should be optimistic about our future.

We hope to see you at these breakfasts and to hear why YOU feel optimistic about our future.

Paul Batz

Paul Batz is CEO and Founder of Good Leadership Enterprises. He is an inspirational leadership coach, best selling author and professional speaker. His Good Leadership blog is recognized as one of the top leadership posts in America today.