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Good Leadership Is a Team Sport

Faster and Easier Results Without Superhero Energy

Discover the Winning Formula

Unleash Your Team's Potential

Employees of All Levels Create A Positive Dynamic Where Individuals Collaborate and Hold Each Other Accountable for Creating a Thrive Together Culture.

Invest in building a “we is greater than me” culture glued together with epoxy – an equal mix of relational capital and structural integrity.

Be active in diagnosing the elements holding back momentum.

Speak up and continuously create the healthy tension required to get better results, faster and easier.

Exhaustion in the Working World:

Leaders, Managers, and Employees Feeling the Strain

When the team at the top is not aligned, everyone suffers. People endure unnecessary friction. They solve the same problems repeatedly. They experience unhealthy tension, unnecessary overtime, and unhappiness outside of work. Leaders work harder because they’re working alone.

The Power of Teamwork

Good Leadership Emphasizes Thriving Together for Success in Business

The Team Momentum Model

A Foundation for Thriving Teams

The Team Momentum Model is a powerful coaching tool designed to enhance team effectiveness. Initially inspired by the impact of smartphones and the changing workplace landscape, the model incorporates “epoxy theory,” where relational capital and structural integrity combine to create strong team bonds. Relational capital involves caring for team members personally and professionally, fostering an environment of support and accountability for shared goals. On the other hand, structural integrity focuses on clear processes, decision-making, and follow-through. The model comprises four structural and four relational elements, crucial for achieving great results. A balance of both is essential, as an excess of one over the other leads to a lack of productivity or trust within the team. Healthy tension and release play key roles in maintaining team performance at its peak.

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Changing the Leadership Conversation:

Empowering Success Through Goodness Pays Philosophy

Paul Batz, a visionary leader and founder of Good Leadership, offers a unique and captivating perspective on leadership that has transformed the lives of CEOs, executives, business owners, and community leaders. With a profound belief in the concept of “Goodness Pays,” Paul’s presentations are as engaging as they are informative. As a masterful keynote speaker, he shares his not-so-secret sauce, emphasizing how excellence, generosity, fairness, and positivity lead to remarkable business outcomes.

Now, you have the opportunity to delve deeper into Paul’s insights by downloading his book for free. In his writing, Paul elaborates on blending the Seven Fs – Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Friends, Fun, and Future – into leadership, fostering thriving environments where leaders and employees can flourish together.

Paul Batz

A Renowned Thought Leader and Engaging Keynote Speaker

Imagine having Paul Batz bring his wisdom and energy to your event. To elevate your next conference, seminar, or corporate gathering, contact Good Leadership to book Paul as your keynote speaker. Be prepared for an engaging and transformative experience that will leave your audience inspired and empowered.

Unlock the power of Good Leadership and gain invaluable insights from Paul Batz – a thought leader, prolific blogger, and author of eight books. Whether it’s coaching, speaking engagements, or inspirational programming, Paul’s proprietary Goodness Pays research will invigorate your team and drive your organization towards a brighter and more successful future. Don’t miss this chance to learn from one of the most influential voices in leadership.

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