Individual coaching doesn’t make the team better. We disrupt the typical coaching model and instead align teams through a “win together” philosophy.

Goodness Pays Philosophy:

Team Coaching

Our team coaches your team to better business results, faster and easier.

Pragmatic Approach

We use a structured process backed by science to get to the next level faster.

Professional Coaches

We have real-world change management and executive leadership experience.

Aspirational Process

We stretch people to see what's possible when they work together better.

Goodness Defined:

Goodness in business is when people thrive together in a culture of encouragement, accountability, and positive teamwork.

Few would argue that goodness doesn’t pay. In fact, a recent survey of leaders found that an overwhelming majority believe that goodness is essential to leadership and business success. However, despite this belief, many leaders are unhappy with the consistency of their financial results. The problem, it seems, is that while they believe goodness pays, they don’t know how to make it pay off in business profits.

Improve your company’s business results. Help your team improve their personal effectiveness and leadership capabilities.

Research that defines the connection between goodness and business in leadership.

The results speak for themselves. Goodness in business is when people thrive together in a culture of encouragement, accountability, and teamwork. How Goodness Pays features research that identifies five factors practiced by leaders who report consistent positive financial results in their businesses

5 Factors Why Goodness Pays


  How Goodness Pays

This book, “How Goodness Pays,” seeks to close this gap by specifically teaching those who believe in the power of goodness how to achieve positive financial results on a consistent basis. Through concrete examples and step-by-step instructions, the book shows how anyone can use goodness to create a prosperous future for themselves and their businesses.

Ultimately, “How Goodness Pays” is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn how to harness the power of goodness to create lasting success.

Team Momentum Survey

Customized and Actionable

Good Leadership’s proprietary Team Momentum Survey© provides a research-based, data-driven picture that reveals the degree to which a team is aligned, committed, and accountable for the results they expect. The survey provides a customized, actionable report with specific recommendations on how to embrace the healthy tension necessary to improve results.

Better results, faster.

Improve Momentum with a Simple Process.

The Team Momentum Survey is an anonymous online survey with only 24 questions. After each team member invests less than 15 minutes in the survey, the Team Leader receives three insightful reports: Full Team Report, Team Leader Report, and Comments.

Better results are only a few clicks away.

We are bound by our values:

Thrive Together

Reward Excellence

Live Generously

Promote Fairness

Spread Positivity