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Effective Succession Planning is critical for maintaining operational assurance and organizational effectiveness.

While over 70% of organizations say they have a succession plan, less than 30% have a pipeline of talent that provides more than one option for a given role when a need arises. Effective succession planning is critical for maintaining operational assurance and delivering organizational effectiveness.

“You can’t have an effective organization without good leadership.”

– Paul Batz, Founder & CEO, Good Leadership

Succession Planning

For senior leaders managing professional and technical workforces who are:

Looking to pursue emerging market opportunities that will stretch the organization beyond its current leadership capabilities.

Anticipating organic growth that will stretch the organization beyond its current leadership capacity.

Facing a wave of upcoming retirements.


Good Leadership Succession Planning is a pragmatic program to support growing organizations in connecting strategy, structure, and talent.

The program ensures ongoing success when market opportunities present themselves, key leaders exit the organization, or additional leadership capacity is required for growth to the next level.

Leaders often become so focused on the daily demands of the business that they lose sight of the long-term talent implications of their near-term decisions.

Leadership teams may find themselves:

Needing to promote leaders who are not properly prepared because they lack a pipeline of qualified leaders from which to select.

Lacking a consistent approach to aligning strategy, structure, and talent to deliver the most effective organization results.

Assuming existing talent can be coached and mentored quickly enough to fulfill emerging needs when they arise.

Good Leadership Succession Planning includes:

A steering team of key players from senior leadership and HR to guide the plan development and implementation.

A proven methodology for making critical leadership talent decisions that strengthen positive outcomes for the succession plan.

An opportunity to create step-up challenges to prepare existing leaders for growth toward meeting their career goals and business growth goals.

Benefits of Succession Planning:

Blend of structural and relational succession planning tools that value key players and the strategic needs of the business.

Proven methods for engaging the Board, Senior Leaders, and other key players in a succession process, rather than replacement thinking.

Coaching to support leaders transitioning out of key roles and leaders transitioning into key roles to assure the overall plan moves forward successfully.

The Good Leadership difference:

Succession planning involves moving beyond basic replacement decisions to assess the alignment of strategy, structure, and talent. The Good Leadership framework keeps the conversation strategic, honest and actionable – focused on delivering the strategic confidence of the Board and senior leaders while reinforcing operational confidence with employees.

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