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Harmony is the enemy of high performance in a team.

Teams need to be able to cooperate and compromise, but a peaceful, harmonious workplace often creates a culture of compliance, where leaders would rather have safe conversations and allow for poor performance than create tension to improve results.

“You can’t have an effective organization without good leadership.”

– Paul Batz, Founder & CEO, Good Leadership

Executive Team Coaching

For senior leaders managing professional and technical workforces who are:

Navigating big changes: customer needs, competitive forces, confusion from within.

Feeling tensions within the team that are not healthy.

Searching for success habits to get the team unstuck and performing at it’s best.

Executive Team Coaching is the most effective financial investment clients make with Good Leadership.

Professional coaches leverage a proprietary Team Momentum Survey™ which provides data to direct the most important development energy.

Without data, harmony hinders excellence.

Executives use data to run all the important parts of their business – why not use data to improve the team? Good Leadership collects data through one-on-one Discovery Interviews, coaching conversations, and the proprietary Team Momentum SurveyTM to create a practical team development plan grounded in reality.

Research with more than 350 teams identified these common barriers:

Only 54% of teams surveyed for the first time are aligned around a compelling plan and priorities.

Most teams do not see how improving interpersonal relationships will improve accountability and results.

Team leaders seldom see themselves at the center of team performance problems, until team data points in that direction.

Executive Team Coaching includes:

Data from the Team Momentum Survey™ to identify how to leverage strengths and weaknesses to improve.

Tools from the book Good Leadership is a Team Sport to embed success habits into the team.

Psychometrics like Strengths Finder and Hogan Leadership Forecast series to accelerate understanding and commitment.

Team and Individual Development Planning tools to accelerate growth and improve performance.

Communication tools to share new learnings and commitments with people who work with the team.

Benefits of Executive Team Coaching:

Accountability improves when teams learn to care about one another - both personally and professionally. Because they care, they build bolder plans and solve the most difficult problems together.

Good Leadership provides tools and processes to simultaneously improve relationships and the disciplines of success.

Experienced and qualified coaches guide the team through structured exercises that ensure the desired results.

Test Drive the Survey

Good leaders build on the goodness in others so we can all thrive. Why not get involved?

The Good Leadership Difference

Good Leadership coaches with a “thrive together” intention based on the idea: goodness pays. Goodness is when people thrive together, in a culture of encouragement, accountability, and positive teamwork. Clients agree that the data-based team development model really works.

Learn more about Executive Team Coaching today. Contact Good Leadership to schedule a conversation.

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