There is A Better Way to Do Leadership

Good Leadership has perfected the art and science of working together to create the best outcome.

Team Coaching

Our team coaches your team to better business results, faster and easier.

Pragmatic Approach

We use a structured process backed by science to get to the next level faster.

Professional Coaches

We have real-world change management and executive leadership experience.

Aspirational Process

We stretch people to see what’s possible when they work together better.

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Encourage teams to celebrate progress and wins

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Create healthy tension that's required for teams to be great

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Shared Commitments

Negotiate shared commitments so everyone wins

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Find confidence to make bold decisions

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Develop the ability to trust

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Agree on your top three can't miss organizational priorities

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Uncover who is ready and committed and who is not

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Generate motivation and excitement to build something special

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Who Do We Serve?

We believe harmony is the enemy of high performance. We partner with aspirational teams in business, healthcare, and sports & entertainment who embrace the disruption and healthy tension that’s required to do awesome things.

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Why Coach Teams?

When the team at the top is not aligned, everyone suffers. That’s why we coach teams, and the individuals within them, to eliminate the barriers that cause friction and burnout.

Why is Alignment So Hard?

Because with every new “big decision,” the Bell Curve applies: Some team members are eagerly enthusiastic and feel like “winners” in the decision, while others resist because they feel like “losers” who have to create disruption that will cause pain and suffering for some employees.

We make alignment easier by treating it like a waterfall that is constantly flowing, instead of a faucet that gets turned on and off at the annual retreat. Three out of four business leaders have transformative plans for their enterprise, but only one in four succeed.

We help your entire team align to achieve those shared goals, faster and smarter.

The Promise: Operational Assurance

Operational assurance is when the executives who are around the table are not worried solving internal problems, but instead spend their best energy shaping how to win in the market.

Looking for more information?

Executive Team Coaching

Harmony is the enemy of high performance in a team.

While nearly 90% of senior leaders have experienced executive coaching for their personal development, less than 10% have invested in coaching for their team.

The best leaders know that good leadership is a team sport and they seek out the best coaching when they really want to win.

Learn more, download the PDF.

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