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The Seven Fs™ Wheel

Live with less stress and lead with less fear by blending the Seven Fs.

The Seven Fs are the character-building foundation of good leadership. We all have them in common: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun, and future. Arranged alphabetically, they tell a powerful story about how good leaders radiate goodness.


Fill out your Seven Fs™ Wheel below.

What do the Seven Fs have to do with good leadership?

For Yourself

The Seven Fs™ Wheel exercise challenges you to be intellectually honest in self-assessment. The insights strengthen your well-being and deepen your reservoir of courage. A wide and expansive Seven Fs™ Wheel helps leaders radiate magnetic energy that attracts followers and increases positive momentum.

For Others

Good leadership is the art and science of getting people to work together. When we work together with good intentions, we make good things happen. Knowing how the Seven Fs are alive in the people around you will help strengthen relationships, increase trust, and embrace healthy tension.

Blending a Strategy for Success

We do not believe in the notion of work/life balance; that notion implies one is a sacrifice for the other. Blending is a better idea.

Blending is about finding ways to satisfy as many of the Seven Fs as possible in all our daily activities, personal or professional. Blending is being aware of how the Seven Fs are alive in us at every moment – not just at home or at work. It’s about how our professional life makes us a better person – and how our personal life makes us a better leader.

The Seven Fs™ Wheel

The seven spokes on the wheel form a simple self-assessment exercise to gauge your personal satisfaction and motivate self-improvement.

Dive Deeper

Want more insights from the Seven Fs? Explore how blending the Seven Fs helps leaders live and work healthier lives in the book What Really Works.