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Align your team to thrive and win together

Explore data-driven Success Stories, Bright Papers, and Research to expand your perspective—and leverage goodness to reach your goals.

Bright Papers and Research

Discover powerful research and stories on how goodness improves results in the real world.

Why Good Leaders Create Their Own Problems

CEOs never stop thinking about what it takes to get the business to “the next level.”


How Aspirational Thinking Improves Your Life and Leadership - Three executive coaching success stories by Paul Batz.

Coaching Nonprofits back to Good Health after a Global Pandemic

How to sharpen the focus on effective CEO and Board Chair Partnerships.

Research and Reports

Data is an invaluable tool for good leaders. Harness these insights backed by science to align your team and thrive together.

How to Help Tired Employees

Discover insight that can be immediately applied to help leaders help employees who are tired, and whose resilience is waning.

Strategic Client Management

Read how the role of the Business Engagement Manager can articulate value against competitive options.

Browse Good Leadership Recommended Books

Good Leadership is a Team Sport Book
How you can use this model and survey to propel your team to the next level, better, faster, cheaper, and easier.
How Goodness Pays
Research that defines the connection between goodness and business in leadership.
Breakthrough to Goodness
Tap into your team's biggest possibilities to achieve incredible outcomes together.
Be the Difference
Learn how Twin Cities Orthopedics used disruptive leadership to deliver better care for patients—and how you can replicate that success.
What Really Works
Tap into your team's biggest possibilities to achieve incredible outcomes together.
The Bucket List
Research that will change your life: learn how aspirational leadership drives good leadership and personal happiness.
FREE eBook • Good Leadership Today
Drive growth in your personal and professional life with insights from Paul Batz, Founder and President of Good Leadership Enterprises.
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