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Breakthrough to Goodness Book

Unleash Your Biggest Possibilities to Improve Business Results

Discover how freeing your people to pursue their own Breakthrough Goals can create a high-performance, self-perpetuating culture of goodness and possibility!

Learn how Jodi Harpstead’s philosophy of Breakthrough Goals and Biggest Possibilities created significant growth at corporate Medtronic—and transformed outcomes at one of Minnesota’s largest human services non-profits, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota. You will see exactly how LSS senior managers are supercharging their leadership and spreading goodness further and faster.

  • Written in partnership with acclaimed author and executive coach Paul Batz, CEO of Good Leadership Enterprises, who explains the fundamental shifts leaders must make to transform their leadership with goodness and accomplish great results.
  • A must-read for anyone who intends to be an inspirational leader and wants to change the status quo to spread more goodness in the world.

Jodi and Paul articulate the magic formula to creating a vibrant, engaged workforce: Involved = Engaged

Bill George, Senior Fellow, Harvard Business School; former Chair & CEO, Medtronic; and author of Discover Your True

In their creative new book, Breakthrough to Goodness, Jodi Harpstead and Paul Batz—the CEO and the coach—have collaborated to demonstrate how to create a breakthrough culture that achieves amazing results with Breakthrough Goals. Their examples illustrate how the impossible becomes possible and the extraordinary becomes realistic. By following their rigorous process, you can create your own breakthrough culture.

Marcia Ballinger, PhD, Co-Founder, Ballinger and Leafblad; and author of The 20-Minute Networking Meeting and Winning the Executive Interview

This book will trigger a big ‘aha’ for any leader seeking break-through results in tandem with creating a positive culture. Coaching tips provide the how-tos to create wildly successful organizational results and positive employee work culture. Yes! You can achieve both by using the ideas and techniques outlined in this engaging and practical book.”


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