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Coaching teams to turn credible threats into big opportunities

Good Leadership partners with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, with technical and professional workforces in



Sports, Hospitality,
and Entertainment

to grow through complex challenges.

Enterprise Business

Businesses with predominantly professional and technical workforces are moving away from top-down, hierarchical, chain of command structures, and choosing a collaboration-based teams of teams approach. This shift empowers team members to spend their best energy focused on the outside-in needs of the customer. That’s critically important as workforce demographics change, work-from-home expectations adjust, and competitive threats grow.

Good Leadership’s alignment processes and development programs expand leadership capacity and create a goodness culture which makes operational assurance possible.


Effective patient care is the ultimate team sport. It requires a complex web of teamwork including payers, providers, tradespeople, and technically-trained professionals. Managing teamwork amongst clinical and non-clinical personnel, requires a consistent team methodology across the whole organization.

Good Leadership clients in pharma, independent physician groups, integrated healthcare systems, and academic medical institutions leverage coaching processes and development programs to create a culture of goodness where patients, providers, and payers thrive and win together.

african american doctor holding tray with medical tools for surgery

Sports, Hospitality, & Entertainment

Never before has there been more competition for where people can spend their entertainment, wellness, and leisure dollars. That means “do more with less” is a mandate. The successful businesses in this space understand the changing needs of their customers, don’t accept anything less than world-class quality, and are willing to reinvent themselves much faster than their competitors.

Good Leadership clients in Sports, Hospitality, and Entertainment leverage coaching processes and development programs to become outside-in-focused, and create a culture of goodness, where teams thrive and win together.