Not All Coaches are Created Equal.

Executive Team Coaching

Who Do We Coach?

We coach teams, and the individuals within them, to eliminate the barriers that cause friction and burnout.

We Are Certified

In the US, there are more than 100,000 executive coaches, and less than 20% have a methodology or a certification.

How We Coach

Good Leadership's team of professional coaches are highly trained, Hogan certified, and skilled at improving organizational performance.

pile of long light bulbs on dark background, one is on

It’s not enough to measure “satisfaction” with your coach.

We’re willing to measure how well your people are working together on the most important priorities. And we will ensure the business metrics you expect to go “up” are going up, and those you expect to go “down” are going down.

Good Leadership's coaches have seen it all from corporate, private, and small business experience, to work with for-profit and non-profits. Good Leadership coaches are based throughout the United States, and most have international experience.

What to Expect from Team Coaching

Coaching without goals, structure, and a public scorecard is therapy. Good Leadership doesn't do therapy. You can expect Good Leadership Executive Team Coaching to be an open system where team members and colleagues will use best-in-class coaching tools, personality inventories, and surveys to accentuate the expertise of your team of coaches.

Coaching from Good Leadership is all about ensuring people thrive together, in a culture of encouragement, accountability, and positive teamwork. That’s what you can expect.

Good Leadership's Team of Professional Coaches

  • Understand how business works
  • Use data and tools to measure and improve Alignment, Commitment, and Open Accountability
  • Know how to motivate powerful people to work together
  • Focus teams on the highest priorities to get real results

Let's Work Together

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