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When the team at
the top is not aligned,
everyone suffers.

Leadership Alignment Retreats, facilitated by Good Leadership coaches, align executive teams around vision and strategy and narrow the focus to the teams’ Top 3 Can’t Miss Priorities. That’s important for reducing friction and increasing focus on what matters most.

“You can’t have an effective organization without good leadership.”

– Paul Batz, Founder & CEO, Good Leadership

Leadership Alignment Retreats

For senior leaders managing professional and technical workforces who are:

Needing a boost of clarity and confidence in the midst of big change.

Worried the team at the top is losing momentum and burning out.

Striving for better business results, faster and easier.

Leadership Alignment Retreats are a proven strategy for addressing challenges related to the disruptive changes required for rapid growth.

The Goodness Pays Leadership System™ accelerates the Alignment, Commitment, and Open Accountability to get the business to the next level faster and easier.

Alignment is illusive.

Most teams can agree with growth and profitability goals. Barely half can align around a plan and create a consistent level of commitment and open accountability for everyone to thrive and win together.

Research with more than 350 teams identified these common barriers:

Only 54% of teams surveyed for the first time are aligned around a compelling plan and priorities.

While 93% of executives believe they are a positive influence on the team, only 55% believe the team will deliver on goals for shareholders.

Most teams fail to simultaneously meet both the social/relationship needs and the disciplined/structural needs for high performance.

Leadership Alignment Retreats include:

Time for work, rest, and play - laughter together accelerates progress.

Effective leadership tools that can be applied within the retreat and also back at the office.

Prioritization work to identify the Top 3 Can’t Miss Priorities.

A Public Scorecard to create visibility and accountability after the retreat.

Benefits of Leadership Alignment Retreats:

Data-driven conversations, informed by the Good Leadership Team Momentum SurveyTM, structured discovery interviews and psychometrics.

Participation of the team leader without the burden of facilitating.

Experienced and qualified coaches guide the team through structured exercises that ensure the desired results.

The Good Leadership difference:

Good Leadership has a track record of accelerating team alignment with a data-based approach that’s been refined and improved for more than 13 years. Clients are energized by the framework, the prioritization, and the artful ways their Good Leadership coaches use healthy tension to improve the team.

Accelerate your team’s alignment by contacting us to schedule a conversation.

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