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New leaders are never hired to protect the status quo.

When excitement about a new leader is high, patience is typically in short supply. Most organizations expect big things quickly. Enlightened search firms and HR functions are supporting new leaders with an intentional coaching process to ensure the highest probablity of success.

“You can’t have an effective organization without good leadership.”

– Paul Batz, Founder & CEO, Good Leadership

The Good Leadership New Leader Acceleration

is a pragmatic and effective blend of best practices from executive onboarding research. The combination of 1:1 coaching, cultural assimilation, and team coaching has proven to significantly increase the probablity of success for both internally and externally sourced new leaders.

Trust in a new leader is built through healthy tension and consistently positive experiences - especially with tough decisions right away.

When the classic book, The First 90 Days, was published in 2003, the authors boldly stated how success or failure is determined within the first three months. The strongest organizations have figured out the support that’s needed after the 90-day honeymoon effect has worn off. That’s when new leaders may:

Experience confusion about the political dynamics new leaders inherit at the top of their organization.

Recognize that unpleasant talent decisions about the existing team were stalled or delayed during new leader interviews.

Realize expectations were inflated and unfair leading to unproductive superhero behaviors.

Good Leadership New Leader Acceleration includes:

Structured alignment processes for clear expectations with the supervisor and the team.

Use of executive level psychometrics from the Hogan Leadership Forecast Series to advance individual awareness for the new leader and the team.

Team development with the application of Good Leadership’s proprietary Team Momentum Survey,™ which can be repeated to document progress and ensure accountability.

Benefits of New Leader Acceleration:

Good Leadership coaches apply proven data-driven tools and coaching processes to ensure alignment, commitment, and open accountability for the success of any new leader.

Good Leadership data can be added to existing cultural assimilation data from the client organization.

Frequent interactions with a Good Leadership coach provides the psychological safety required to stretch and grow when the honeymoon period is over.

The Good Leadership difference:

Good Leadership coaches know how to help new leaders create healthy tension – especially during the harmony of the honeymoon period. Using an artful mix of intimate coaching conversations with discovery interviews, team surveys, and alignment meetings, new leaders have both the data and the support to get off to a sustainable good start.

Learn more about New Leader Acceleration Coaching today. Reach out to schedule a conversation.

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