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Good leaders working together with good intentions make great things possible.

Leadership development is often viewed as an individual investment. When leaders learn together through shared experiences, they grow faster. The Good Leadership cohort-based development approach creates the confidence and consistency organizations crave from their managers and leaders. Good Leadership Essentials gets the business to the next level faster and easier.

“You can’t have an effective organization without good leadership.”

– Paul Batz, Founder & CEO, Good Leadership

Good Leadership Essentials

For senior leaders managing professional and technical workforces who are:

Frustrated with inconsistent management styles, knowing some key people are in over their heads.

Worried the talent pipeline is hollow, and mediocre performance has become acceptable.

Predicting big changes required in the business will not be managed effectively by current management.

Office worker overwhelmed with paperwork
Right or good decision making concept

Good Leadership Essentials is a world class development program which accelerates effective leadership at the Individual Leader, Team Leader, and Executive Leader levels.

The tools and exercises are pragmatic, research-based, and simple to apply immediately to the business. The program points leaders toward how to create alignment, commitment, and open accountability – which are essential to how goodness pays.

Without good leadership, nothing works.

There’s nothing static about business today. Markets change. Customer requirements change. Supply chains and materials change. Without good leadership, employees struggle under inconsistent management, lack of clarity, and the general sense they aren’t prepared to do their jobs.

Only one in four people who lead teams has had more than two hours of Team Leader training.

The number one thing managers crave in the workplace is consistently positive leadership from executives.

Employees see a lack of accountability as the number one reason organizations create inconsistent business results.

Good Leadership Essentials includes:

Three distinct levels of content organized around the strategic responsibilites and leadership expectations for each level.

Creation of a steering team of client leaders who share in the design, communication, and follow-through of the program.

Cohort-based learning with workshops tackling real-time problems and opportunities, supported by polling data and short-term development assignments.

Opportunities for virtual or in-person sessions.

Benefits of Good Leadership Essentials:

A powerful combination of working with professional facilitators, engaging with outside executive coaches, and improving vertical relationships through leaders teaching leaders.

Content and tools based on the How Goodness Pays research, organized by the Goodness Pays Leadership System™.

Flexible delivery options ranging from 100% Good Leadership facilitated to train-the-trainer for full internal delivery.

The Good Leadership difference:

Four out of five business leaders believe goodness pays. Good Leadership Essentials builds on that core idea with proven programming curated and built by coaches who have more than 350 years of collective development experience.

Learn more about Good Leadership Essentials today. Contact us to schedule a conversation.

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