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There’s a better way to think about work/life balance and accountability.

Good leaders want a culture in which team members thrive together and seek accountability. That’s only possible when leaders lead with goodness and employees find joy in their work.

“You can’t have an effective organization without good leadership.”

– Paul Batz, Founder & CEO, Good Leadership

Enjoy the Journey

For senior leaders managing professional and technical workforces who are:

Looking for an antidote to increased stress and burnout across the company.

Re-thinking how to attract and retain industry A-Players.

Searching for sustainable ways to increase accountability.

Enjoy the Journey is a proprietary approach to building the positive culture employees truly desire.

Using a combination of engaging presentations, insightful tools and manager training, Good Leadership will prepare your team to find the joy in their work and build strong friendships where people thrive together.

Problem hunting is a problem.

Too often in professional and technical workforces, people train one another to be good at finding problems. That’s why one of America’s favorite pastimes is complaining about our jobs and bosses.

Professional and technical employees report these three recurring challenges:

Unreasonable demands and deadlines

The difficulty of walking away from work that’s never done

Negativity from colleagues and clients

The program includes:

Interactive keynote(s) – virtual or in-person.

Manager webinars to prepare them for coaching and mentoring.

A toolkit for applying the Seven Fs in the workplace:

Faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun and future

Coaching for leaders and managers to sustain the goodness culture.

Benefits of Enjoy the Journey:

More employees who “seek accountability” because they are committed to their colleagues

Measurement strategies to ensure both “joy” and “accountability” are increasing

Management and mentoring tools to encourage positivity and finding joy in the work

The Good Leadership difference:

We do not believe in the notion of work / life balance; and we don’t see Work Hard / Play Hard as a sustainable cultural mantra. Enjoy the Journey reframes the concepts into a more sustainable goodness culture, where employees seek accountability and push back on cultural negativity.

Learn more about Enjoy the Journey today. Reach out to schedule a conversation.