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What 3 Things Need to be True for You to Feel Fully Accountable in Your Work? 

The Accountability Research Project is making significant strides, and I am excited to share some early insights with you. The team at Good Leadership has been busy conducting in-depth interviews across 30+ diverse organizations, with additional organizations joining daily, to capture the perspective on what truly drives healthy accountability in the workplace.

These qualitative interviews are important for research, crafted by the Good Leadership Team with invaluable input from the project’s steering team. A question garnering interesting responses is: What 3 things need to be true for you to feel fully accountable in your work?

To feel fully accountable at work, interviewees emphasize these three key elements: clear expectations, a high-trust environment, and transparent communication. 

Clear Expectations

Having clear roles, responsibilities, and goals ensures everyone knows what is expected of them and can confidently work towards those objectives. This clarity includes defined metrics and attainable targets, allowing employees to understand their specific contributions and how their success will be measured.    

High-trust Environment

Trust from colleagues and supervisors allows individuals to take ownership of their tasks without constant questioning or micromanagement, creating a sense of responsibility and confidence in their abilities.

Transparent Communication

Consistent and transparent communication helps employees stay aligned with organizational goals, address issues promptly, and feel supported by their supervisors. It also involves regular check-ins, honest feedback, and open discussions about progress and challenges. Additionally, psychological safety within this communication framework ensures that individuals can express where they’re having trouble and seek guidance without fear of negative repercussions. Accountability should not be a punitive concept.

These elements—clear expectations, a high-trust environment, and transparent communication—create healthy workplace accountability, where employees can excel and contribute effectively. I invite you to reflect on your work environment: What three things need to be true for YOU to feel fully accountable in your work?

If this sneak peek into the findings intrigues you, don’t miss the opportunity to attend the Good Leadership Conference in November. Email to secure your spot and be among the first to hear the secrets to healthy accountability in the workplace.

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