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Blending Our Personal and Professional Lives this Fourth of July 

As the Fourth of July approaches, it’s the perfect time to pause and enjoy moments with friends and family. This holiday, the Good Leadership Team and many of our clients will be doing just that. It’s also an opportunity to explore how we can blend our work and personal lives using the Seven Fs Wheel. Let’s dive into how we can make the most of this holiday and create a fulfilling blend of all areas of our lives. 

The Importance of Taking Time Off

My mentors taught me I have to take time off to stay fresh and to keep a proper perspective about life, work, and my sense of direction. And, I’m keenly aware that others are watching when I’m working, and when I’m not.  

It’s also true, that as a CEO and business owner sometimes I just can’t help myself! In recent coaching conversations with three different CEOs, we agreed sometimes there’s a wonky feeling when taking time off while there are so many exciting things happening in the business.  

“The time you need a vacation the most, is when you feel like you can’t take a vacation because of the business,” one CEO said. “It’s time for you to rise above it, enjoy the time off, and find a place of relaxation that will make you better when you return,” she advised. She’s coaching the coach!   

Live with Less Stress and Lead with Less Fear

Most readers of this blog know the Seven Fs we use as a character-building foundation for good leadership. The Seven Fs are: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun, and future. Each one of us has a unique and individual perspective on our Seven Fs. When we share that perspective we tell a powerful story about how good leaders radiate goodness. 

This holiday break, I challenge you to find ways you see satisfaction in both your personal and professional lives: as measured through the collective whole of your faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun and future. And then share your insights with your colleagues when you return.  

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