Good Leaders: How does your faith affect how you show up?

Coaching buddies help each other rise to new heights in their leadership.

Today the theme Back to the Future (not the movie) is alive in me. This Friday is the second Good Leadership Breakfast of the year. We are going back to the formula of the Seven Fs: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun and future for organizing the speakers for the whole series. Last month, our kickoff speaker Richard Leider explored the idea of how “purpose” is at the center of the Seven Fs Wheel. Going forward we are focusing on each of the Seven Fs, starting with “faith.” So, this being the second breakfast, “faith” is the back to the future subject.

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Good Leaders: Good work! Can you send more?

Goodness Pledge Spark How Can I Help You

Last week, I announced a significant change in this blog. We need your help in writing the next book, Goodness Pays. You can help by providing proof statements from your point of view that demonstrate how goodness pays in leadership today. My promise is to share your examples to help the conversation grow.

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Good Leaders: Are you ready to help?

My blog today represents a shift in the goodness movement. Over the past seven years, the Good Leadership team has been working on defining and refining the goodness message so the idea that “goodness pays” is appealing to the broadest possible audience. Now, we really need your help.

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