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Which do you enjoy more, the giving or getting?

Anticipation is one life’s most powerful sensations. As I write this blog, perched on the eve of Christmas, it’s hard not to be filled to the brim with anticipation. My wife, Melinda and I are discussing the last minute preparations. It’s snowing again in Minnesota (we are living in a record-setting 24″ in December) so we are adjusting our travel plans…again.

The next 24 hours will be filled with listening and singing, watching and seeing, feeling and believing…giving and getting. Anticipation on steroids!

This year, I have to say that I am looking forward to the “getting” side of the equation. We have planned so hard to give meaningful gifts to our kids and family. Our Katie is heading off to Sweden go study abroad for a semester. Ben is leaving for a Gustavus Choir tour to Italy the next day. Anna is closing in on her drivers license. So, I’ve decided that it’s my role this year to enjoy the “getting” side of the equation more. As parents, we cherish the giving role, and that brings us great joy. But as the kids prepare to build their own lives, we need to soak it in…be better “getters” and more gracious receivers of their presence when they are home.

So, I challenge you! Can you thoroughly enjoy the getting this year? We hope you can receive the love and energy of your family in ways that will energize you and give you peace.

Drop me a line and tell me how well you did this year.

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