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Are you ready for the challenge?

Summer is almost in the rear-view mirror. I live in the Bold North, which means I know what kind of weather is coming soon enough when the days will get shorter the darkness will get longer. And that worries me. Why?

People in the northern climates have been finding sanity and health in the pandemic by living outside as much as possible. That includes long walks, golfing, biking, yard work, and outdoor dining in our favorite restaurants. This year, when the temperature drops we’ll all be forced indoors to grapple with the uncertainty of an election, and fears that the pandemic will come raging back.

Coaching advice

Young or not-so-young, the best strategy for surviving winter this year is to develop yourself.  That means setting some goals around The Seven Fs: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun, and future. And that’s where the Good Leadership Challenge can pay big dividends this winter.

Lindsey Riley provided a video introduction to the Good Leadership Challenge at the August Breakfast.

Ten days ago at the Good Leadership Young Leader Breakfast, we introduced the Good Leadership Challenge as a complimentary toolkit designed to help leaders grow. The challenge was introduced by the first speaker at the Young Leaders breakfast in 2018. Lindsey Riley, who recorded her message from Arizona, and shared her perspective as a young leader at Medtronic. Lindsey reminded us that “times of adversity are the best times to develop ourselves as leaders.”





Good Leadership Challenge – yours at no cost

Here’s what leaders of any age receive: a toolkit full of the same aspirational and planning tools clients of Good Leadership use to accelerate their development. Even the CEOs! The tools will:

  • Spark aspirational thinking about your goals (who you want to be when you grow up?)
  • Increase awareness of what “goodness pays” means for you
  • Create development plans to build positive momentum in your life
  • Develop strong peer-coaching relationships to inspire accountability

Our intention is to help you cut through the doldrums of a pandemic winter, to find inspiration, determination, and resiliency as you push back the dark noise and radiate goodness.

You can take the Good Leadership Challenge toolkit here. And you can share it far and wide. Goodness pays as goodness grows…it’s contagious!

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