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Aligning CEOs and Boards to Thrive Together

Boards Coaching Practice

A select team of coaches at Good Leadership use a distinctive and customized approach to align and strengthen the CEO and Board Chair partnership. They teach a fresh, contemporary approach to governance with the Goodness Pays Leadership System©. The process aligns the Board with the executive team and enhances performance for the entire organization.

Alignment First

Thinking about the future with an aspirational framework for visioning and planning creates alignment about Breakthrough Goals and Priorities.

Then Commitment

Clear expectations increase Board member commitment, through a mutually accepted code of conduct.

Finally, Open Accountability

Priorities and Breakthrough Goals, when tracked by a Public Scorecard, create a culture where executives and Board members seek accountability and communicate freely with staff and stakeholders.

When the Board and the CEO are not aligned, everyone suffers. Good governance ensures the Board and the CEO will be the highest performing team in the organization.

The best Boards desire good governance to advance the organizational mission and core values better, faster, and easier. Good governance allows Boards to see into the future with clarity and build the strategic resilience necessary for success in the post-COVID world. That means Boards must continually develop themselves for governing in uncertain times.

The Good Leadership Difference

Pragmatic Approach

A structured process backed by science to get to the next level faster.

Professional Coaches

Real-world governance and executive leadership experience.

Aspirational Process

We stretch people to see what’s possible when they work together better.

Team Coaching

Our team coaches your team to better business results, faster and easier.

We disrupt the typical Board Assessment and Development model and instead coach to align the top partnership of the CEO and Board Chair, and, in doing so, elevate the Board through an “aspire and thrive together” philosophy.

- Paul Batz