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Good Leaders: Who are you helping today?

A partnership with Lutheran Social Service is helping people in the Phillips Neighborhood of Minneapolis thrive.

You’ve heard me say this before: Nothing significant ever happens alone. That’s why public/private partnerships are formed to help people in our community thrive.

This year, Melinda and I agree to lead by example by committing to a Platinum Corporate Sponsorship of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota. We see our role as catalysts to show other private businesses what’s possible with a commitment of time, talents and money to help people in need thrive.

We’re a small firm…so this sponsorship is a really big deal for us.

To get started, Melinda led a team of volunteers to help with the Community Meals and Food Pantry – it’s a partnership with the non-profit Community Bridge and Messiah Lutheran Church, both of which operate out of the Center For Changing Lives owned by LSS. Early on a Saturday morning, the team traveled into the Phillips Neighborhood of South Minneapolis – a beacon of bright-eyed immigrant and refugee families who are pursuing their dreams in America. 

The Good Leadership volunteer team who helped LSS with a successful food shelf in June.

After volunteering, each was asked: How do you feel about the work LSS of MN and Community Bridge are doing?

  • “I am impressed with how well-run the program is.  It appears to be very relevant and effective.”
  • “It is very good work and an important reminder to not let others fall through the cracks.”
  • “I appreciate the commitment of LSS and Good Leadership to the future of youth, families, refuges, and the elderly.
Serving others is fun! And it helps our satisfaction on all of the Seven Fs.

Our intention was to bring alive The Seven Fs for the volunteers in this endeavor: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun, and future. “What strikes me the most is how helping others is so fundamental to satisfaction on all of The Seven Fs,” said Noah Ewing, the creator of the LSS sponsorship. “We’re thrilled that Good Leadership is setting the example for other organizations to follow.”

Good leaders rally people together to accomplish significant work. And they grow in their satisfaction with faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun, and future when they help others.

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