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Good Leaders: Here’s your Executive Summary

Richard Anderson, CEO of Amtrack, provided the Foreword for the How Goodness Pays book – a final hour improvement we welcomed.

Yesterday, the offices of Good Leadership Enterprises were abuzz with excitement and anticipation. After four years of feverish energy, the How Goodness Pays book finally went to press. But not without a significant last-minute change.

Ten days before publishing, we learned Richard H. Anderson, found the manuscript so inspiring he wanted to write a special foreword. Since 2017, he’s been President and Chief Executive Officer of Amtrak. Prior to Amtrak, he spent 25 years in the aviation industry, including serving as CEO of Delta Air Lines from 2007 to 2016 and as Executive Director of the airline’s Board of Directors. Anyone who flew Delta consistently during his tenure watched his charming safety videos and undoubtedly thought: he’s a good guy.

Here’s a small sampling of Richard Anderson’s thoughts:

Today we’re celebrating because this book went to press!

I’ve often said effective leaders are those who come up with creative answers to hard problems. I believe the authors of How Goodness Pays, Paul Batz and Paul Hillen, have done just that. One of the hardest problems leaders face is figuring out how to effectively lead in ways in which everyone–owners, executives, employees, and customers–can be successful. Which is why How Goodness Pays stands out as a leadership guide and captured my attention from its first few pages onward.

Readers will come away with a deeper understanding how everyday leadership practices, such as communicating with employees or building a compelling business plan, can be dramatically improved through plain old goodness.

Executive Summary Ready Today

Guests at the Good Leadership Breakfast this week will get a printed Executive Summary of How Goodness Pays. You can click this link, and download yours today. And if you decide to attend the Good Leadership Breakfast on Friday, November 16, 2018, all guests will receive a signed copy of the book as an early holiday gift. Our intention is to spread the idea that goodness pays far and wide. We think this is the one book every leader, business owner, executive, and aspiring CEO needs to read in order to achieve consistent business success. We hope it gets your office buzzing too!

Good leaders embrace the last-minute contributions to special projects. And they celebrate the feverish energy necessary to finish important work.

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