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Good Leaders: How do you own your mistakes?

As much as we wanted to celebrate The Bucket List Book launch with a party…we can’t compete with summer in Minnesota.

Good leaders have vivid aspirations and the ability to rally people around exciting ideas. And sometimes we make mistakes. The key to learning from your mistakes is to forgive yourself. Here’s a good example:

Everyone knows it’s summer. In Minnesota we celebrate/cherish our sunny summer afternoons with unbridled joy. And we protect our summer weekends with barbed-wire-fence resolve. So what the heck was I thinking when we scheduled a book launch party on a Friday afternoon in the summer?

Silly mistake

By cancelling The Bucket List Book launch party, we are making more time for  enjoying the lake.

Within the past three weeks I’ve heard from dozens of people who said:  “I love The Bucket List Book.” And somewhere in the conversation they also said this: “…but I can’t come to the party because it’s Friday afternoon and I’m going to [ fill in the blank. ]”

Duh. Silly me…it’s summer in Minnesota.

So, we are cancelling the book launch party. I’m searching for ways to make it up to the small group of people who registered in advance. And I’m sorry we won’t be able to share the smoking hot tunes of the Soul Trustees with you.

Often wrong

One of my favorite sayings to keep me centered on my entrepreneurial journey is this unknown quote: Never in doubt, but often wrong. That phrase gives me permission to love the journey, hold myself to a high standard and yet somehow forgive myself at the same time.

The Bucket List Book is available for delivery on Friday, June 23. Without a party.

Good leaders stay laser-focused on their purpose in life. And when they make mistakes in day-to-day decisions, they forgive themselves.

You can still register here to receive free sample chapters of The Bucket List Book. And you can pre-order your copies of The Bucket List Book here.  As promised, the hard cover copies will be shipped on Friday, June 23 – just without the party to celebrate.

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