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Jurriaan Kamp

Good Leaders: Are you ready to celebrate The Intelligent Optimist?

Living in the bold north of Minnesota requires midwinter boosts of bright energy. That’s why my team and I are excited to share a slate of speakers who radiate goodness for the 2018 Spring Good Leadership Breakfast Series. Positivity and optimism are particularly important today, as we search for effective ways to drown out the “dark noise” that dominates our media consumption.

Jurriaan Kamp
Jurriaan Kamp, founder of The Intelligent Optimist.

Celebrating The Intelligent Optimist: February 16

The series begins on Friday, February 16, with a world-class purveyor of optimism. Jurriaan Kamp is our first international speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast. He will visit us from his land of origin, the Netherlands, on his way to his US home in Santa Barbara, California. Jurriaan is one of the pioneers of the international “Solutions Journalism” movement, and the co-founder of The Intelligent Optimist magazine. “It’s a fact that reporters spend most of their time digging for problems to report to us,” he shared. “I believe journalists have a moral responsibility to help create hope in the world as well. I’ve dedicated my career to reporting on intelligent solutions to the biggest problems we all face – things like energy, poverty, and famine.”  Get tickets for Jurriaan Kamp here.

Goodness Pays Research: March 16

Paul Hillen, co-author of the Goodness Pays book project.

Paul Hillen is best known to the Good Leadership Breakfast as the very first sponsor of the breakfast when he was the Chief Marketing Officer at Cargill. Today he is the Chief Commercial Officer and SVP of JM Swank, a Platinum Equity Company – and he is co-authoring the Goodness Pays book with Paul Batz. His appearance in March will be the first public unveiling of the research, and the beginning of the build-up to the 2018 book launch. Get tickets for Paul Hillen here.

What’s Possible When We Work Together in Healthcare: April 20

Erik Gabrielson and Moira Petit, healthcare advocates and leadership coaches with Activ8.

Erik Gabrielson and Moira Petit are the second husband and wife speaker team at the Good Leadership Breakfast. They are partners together in the human potential coaching, research, and consulting firm Activ8. A dramatic and heroic healthcare journey centered around their one and only son resulted in a real-life story about how encouragement, accountability, and good teamwork not only saved their son’s life, but gave them all a life where goodness pays. Get tickets for Moira and Erik here.

Taking Goodness to Main Street America: May 18

Amanda Brinkman, creator of Small Business Revolution, Main Street TV series.

Amanda Brinkman is the Chief Brand & Communications Officer at Deluxe Corp, and a relentless champion in America’s quest to help small businesses thrive. She’s won almost every business community award bestowed by the Twin Cities business press, but her most rewarding honors come through her involvement with Small Business Revolution – a movement created to shine a spotlight on the vital impact that small businesses have on our economy, our communities, and our daily lives. Amanda is not only an on-camera talent, but also is the creator of the Small Business Revolution – Main Street TV series. Get tickets for Amanda here.

We’re excited to begin podcasting the speakers from the Good Leadership Breakfast, beginning on February 16, featuring Jurriaan Kamp.

Good leaders find positivity and optimism by living and working with people who radiate goodness. And they find ways to help the people around them thrive by drowning out the dark noise.

Please share with me: Which speaker are you looking forward to most, to boost your winter mood?


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