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Good Leaders: Who’s helping you spread goodness?

With the glow of our Christmas tree gone, I am creating my own sparkle focusing on aspirations for 2018.

The twelve days of Christmas have passed. My Monday morning meditation seems a bit flat because the colorful glow of the Christmas tree is gone. The tree is on the curb, and I put the lights away for another year. So now I’m creating my own sparkle, by plugging into my two significant aspirations for 2018: 1) Finish and launch the Goodness Pays book, and 2) take my first sabbatical for rest, renewal, and family adventure.

First, the book

I’m focusing on two compelling aspirations: the Goodness Pays book project and a sabbatical coming in March.

Over the course of a 32-year professional career, I’ve never worked on any one project that’s taken 2 1/2 years. Normally, I would not be described as a person with patience. But it’s now beginning to feel as if the persistence will pay off. Here’s why:

While coaching, speaking and writing about the idea “Goodness Pays” has been fruitful, I’ve been yearning to go deeper. Specifically, to gather data that answers the two questions: What do you mean by goodness?  And How, specifically, does a leader make it pay?

Clarity emerging

Alas, nothing significant ever happens alone. With the artful help and encouragement of my writing coach, Sean McDonnell; the experience of our research advisor Jeri Meola, CEO of SMS Research Advisors; and the practical/skeptical insights of my co-author Paul Hillen, whose employed by the world-class Platinum Equity Partners – on assignment as the Chief Revenue Officer of a mid-size firm, JM Swank, in Iowa; we are creating both clarity and excitement around the Goodness Pays subject.

Our confidence has been bolstered by this impressive roster of A-list leaders who’ve agreed to share their specific point of view on how Goodness Pays – for the research, and for the book:

Large company leaders (more than 5000 employees): Richard Davis, Former CEO and now Chairman of US Bank; Greg Page, Former CEO and now Chairman of Cargill; Amanda Brinkman, Chief Marketing Officer, Deluxe Corp; Ray Kowalik, CEO of Burns & McDonnell; Chris Policinski, CEO of Land O’ Lakes.

Mid-sized company leaders: (500-4999 employees): Jerry Matty, CEO of Tactile Medical; Liz Smith, CEO of Assurance Agency; Marcia Page, Chair of Varde Partners; Mike McMahan, President of St. Francis Hospital; Lynn Casey, CEO of Padilla.

Small company leaders: (50-499 employees): Charles Antis, CEO of Antis Roofing; Karen Clark Cole, CEO of Blink UX; Umit Nasifoglu, CEO of Wedding Day Diamonds; Clara Shih, CEO of Hearsay Social; Colleen Needles Steward, CEO of Tremendous! Entertainment, Inc.

In the coming weeks, the focus of this blog will be on bringing alive the research for the book, and promoting the leaders who will be contributing to the Goodness Pays movement through the Good Leadership Breakfast Series. The full 2018 line-up will be announced next week!

I’ll write more about the March/April sabbatical soon.

Good leaders persevere through ambiguity by focusing on the end goal. And they stop along the way to celebrate the people who are helping them spread goodness.

Please share with me: Who is helping you spread goodness?

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