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Guide Your Managers to Success

Nothing significant ever happens alone. Managers have been overlooked for decades, lost within the leadership movement. As part of the leadership movement, managers are the deployers of change and stewards for creating a culture of healthy accountability. 

Research indicates roughly half of managers in mid-size organizations were promoted into the role without specific manager training, which is often why employee engagement and workplace culture surveys are disappointing. Leaders can’t expect organizational alignment without managers who are consistently reinforcing the priorities and role modeling the organization’s values. 

The ability to establish and maintain consistency is not just a skill; it’s a playbook – a strategic guide and programming that empowers managers to navigate challenges, inspire their teams, and drive sustainable success. 

Good Leadership has three specific Manager Consistency Playbooks that address three common problems: 

1. No formal training: managers are only managing based on their own experience “being managed,” without proper, modern training for the job.

2. Inconsistency fuels the cynic: when teams in the organization are all managed differently, productive teamwork is slowed down, and infighting is more frequent.

3. Hi-potential leaders are demotivated: managers who try their hardest to treat everyone equally drive the hope and spirit out of the highest performers. 

Available as self-directed learning modules, instructor-led workshops, or Train the Trainer format: Teams of Teams PlaybookDevelopment Planning, and Coaching Others playbooks will serve as a compass for managers navigating the complex landscape of organizational leadership. If you’re seeing a lack of manager consistency in your organization, reach out to to schedule a conversation. 

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