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There’s goodness in every leader on the team – often the smallest insights stimulate the biggest growth.

Powerful people only grow if they want to grow. Good Leadership coaches are exceptionally good at using the Hogan Leadership Forecast psychological tool to find the most powerful insights to create the most meaningful growth in leaders.

“You can’t have an effective organization without good leadership.”

– Paul Batz, Founder & CEO, Good Leadership

Development Plan Coaching

For senior leaders managing professional and technical workforces who are:

Commit to giving leaders in stretch experiences every opportunity to thrive.

Care about the interplay between powerful people who are sincerely trying to get along.

Like to leverage individual data into team performance strategies.

Development Plan Coaching is an intensely focused development planning process for leaders who are motivated to take their performance to the next level of effectiveness.

Experienced coaches know how to find the most important motivation data, and turn that into simple and practical development planning that really works.

We don’t know what we don’t know, until we get the insight.

The best teams understand the motives, values, and stress responses of their colleagues. First, the leaders need know themselves. In the hands of a Good Leadership coach, the Hogan tools stimulate the most powerful self-reflection and provide the motivation for leaders to explore the growth opportunities that matter most.

Nearly 70% of leaders today say they have had a bad experience with a 360-degree, multi-rater evaluation.

Beyond the “introvert” and “extrovert” labels, most leaders don’t fully understand what motivates themselves to be their best.

Strengths, when overused, quickly derail leaders under stress - it’s never a bad time to revisit triggers behind derailing behaviors.

Good Leadership Development Plan Coaching includes:

A professional coach who takes the time to understand the aspirations of the leader.

Comprehensive review of the Hogan tool, including a thorough inventory of specific strengths to leverage and areas that need development attention.

Supervisor Alignment meeting to discuss the development plan.

The opportunity for everyone on the leadership team to roll up their individual data into an effective Hogan Team Map - an important leverage tool for teams.

Benefits of Development Plan Coaching:

Anytime a leader is promoted to more responsibility is a good time for a short, focused coaching program. Good Leadership coaches create development plans and growth strategies for leaders who are feeling stretched by a critically-important role.

Team leaders, when equipped with individual Hogan data for the team, can identify strengths for the team to leverage, and also isolate unproductive tendencies that need to be constantly managed.

Development plans informed by Hogan insights are tailored to the special motivations of the individual.

The Good Leadership difference:

Most coaches use personality assessments for personal development. Good Leadership coaches find the leverage points in the data that improve teamwork, and enhance how leaders work together with other powerful people; because good leadership is all about working together to create great results.

Learn more about Development Plan Training today. Reach out to schedule a conversation.

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