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How does a Good Company, Stop a Bad Slide?

What Really Works: case-study-progress: How do Good Leaders reverse a powerful negative trend? This is the first in many viewpoints I’m writing to detail some of the difficult client assignments we’ve undertaken. One client in particular has enlisted a dedicated cadre of Good leaders who are determined to write new chapter in their history books. We invite you to ride along. Every Tuesday, I’ll send an update.

This highly respected company has dominated their industry by innovating and consolidating in a busy segment of retail services. Since the turn of the century, leaders have seen a slow, steady decline in the one indicator that measures healthy, organic growth. Year over year a percent here, a fraction there is barely visible. Looking back over a decade, the trend line tells a troubling story. How will we turn it around?

Working together, we are aligned around these three intentions: 1) We will succeed; we will stake our careers on reversing the trend; 2) we will work together in ways we never have before, and 3) we will learn to be better leaders in the process.

Sometimes leadership is simple. In this situation we need to first help people see, and believe in what’s possible. Both the upside and the downside of that equation. Then, we need to create believers by setting a crystal clear example of what’s acceptable, and what’s not. This is two-sided coin will frame our plan of action until we achieve our goal.

So far, so good. We have a realistic plan – that’s the place to start. The steering committee is rallying the troops and sending a penetrating message through the entire psyche of the organization: “We need all hands on deck to ensure we create positive momentum…nothing short of an increase year over year will suffice.” Working together, we’ve formed teams from up, down and across the organization – people working together that previously competed for resources. Stay tuned as we fight our own experience bias, and wrestle the rogue Mom and Pop competitors that are chipping away at our legacy. More next Tuesday…

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