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How Irish Titan Champions Healthy Accountability Through Their Culture

In this week’s episode of the Good Leadership Podcast, I’m thrilled to have interviewed Darin Lynch, CEO of Irish Titan and vital member of the Accountability Research Project steering team. You can listen to our full insightful discussion here.   

One of the reasons we wanted to interview Darin is because he invests himself emotionally and intellectually in everything he does. Irish Titan is a Minneapolis company that builds and grows ecommerce channels, with a foundational principle: “Business First, Online Second.”℠ Darin founded Irish Titan nearly 20 years ago and has been enjoying the trends shift and changes of the business landscape throughout that time.  

Currently, Darin is observing a significant shift towards the concept of healthy accountability. “It’s easy to be positive and encouraging,” Darin shared. “Accountability – especially healthy accountability – really is the glue that holds the goodness in business together.”  


At Irish Titan, Darin utilizes a model called POTIS as pillars for their culture. POTIS stands for Passion, Ownership, Teamwork, Impact, and Skills. The Ownership component is crucial as it bridges the gap to accountability in their culture. Being a part of the steering team, Darin sees the alignment of our research discussions with the real-time developments at Irish Titan. He’s established exciting growth goals – which are challenging, but achievable – but the keystone to achieving these goals is significant performance. Accountability is the driver behind that performance aspect, and links directly with Ownership. “In order to leap across that ditch rather than crashing into it, we need to create more accountability,” Darrin insisted.  

Building Momentum

The concept of healthy accountability is new at Irish Titan, but one that is quickly taking traction. As employees participate in Good Leadership events and Darin brings back insights from steering team discussions, he’s seeing and feeling the momentum building across the company. Managers are embracing the idea of accountability as “healthy”, and some of the younger employees are starting to get comfortable with accountability as a positive concept.  

“We’re building the accountability concept into a staple of our culture we call PUPs – performance upside plans,” he explained. We’ve found employees perform higher with they receive constructive criticism based on their current performance, with the assumption of a positive outcome.  

I encourage you to connect with Darin through the Irish Titan website, linked here. His commitment to healthy accountability and dynamic leadership provides invaluable lessons for us all.  

Stay tuned for more inspiring conversations with research project steering team members on the Good Leadership Podcast.  

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