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Kevin Sensening

President & Chief Leaning Officer

Kevin is an enthusiastic, customer-centered resource for those times when one needs a fresh perspective on challenging situations. He truly puts serving his clients, both internally and externally, ahead of personal achievement or recognition. He is a rare balance of extremely high intelligence and honest caring for others.

Kevin has all the academic credentials. He’s also a successful senior executive in the commercial sector. Yet Kevin throws all of that aside, buries his qualifications where no one can see them, to focus all his expertise on YOU.

He is a guy who could easily land a comfy job in academia or tuck himself away in a corporate corner office. Yet we have seen him repeatedly resist those temptations so he can remain on the front lines, closest to the action, connecting at a personal level with his clients and coworkers.

Kevin Sensenig Knows How Goodness Pays in Business