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Lights, camera…will you join the action?

Most Tuesdays are business as usual within the Good Leadership team. Today is different. Pandemic isolation canceled all large gatherings and left everyone in the event business stymied with frustration and doubt. If we can’t produce the Good Leadership Breakfast Series, how do we build momentum for the mission of spreading goodness? But today is a different Tuesday. We’re buzzing with excitement and feeling on edge with performance anxiety. Here’s why:

This Thursday, we are pushing through the cautions and producing a Livestream of the Good Leadership Young Leaders Breakfast. We all need a boost of goodness energy these days. There are guests registered from all across the country who will join via Livestream.

Working together in new ways

In consultation with the breakfast sponsors, Thursday’s meeting will be the most adventuresome breakfast event in 10.5 years. The vision is to produce a stimulating 55-minute event with a live-action feel, that’s also the “mother of all Zoom meetings.” We moved the time to 9 AM to allow clients and friends on the West Coast to participate at a reasonable hour. To meet the quality standards guests expect, we hired a cool video production team called Mighteor. We liked how their talent understood the Goodness Pays mantra with a playful edginess. Their team reduced the nervousness in trying something new.

What to expect

In-studio guests will honor social distancing and wear these brand new Goodness Pays masks.

A small studio audience will receive a bright orange plastic bag containing the materials for the in-person meeting, and a fancy Goodness Pays mask! The Providence Academy Performing Arts stage will be set within social distancing guidelines. The Goodness Barista (Beau Nordby from OrangeBall Creative) will run the live audience polling and greet online guests. We’re keeping the number of live participants low –  several important people will appear via pre-recorded messages. The highlight will be the keynote speech and interview with Kevin Warren, the Commissioner of the Big Ten Athletic Conference. He’s the first three-time speaker at this event.

Inspiring young leaders

The focus is on young leaders. Kevin Warren and I will be sharing our perspectives to help them carve a better path forward in a world that’s really changing. We’ll have a discussion about living and working in the virus era, and explore ways for leaders to continue momentum toward eliminating systemic racial bias. The student body president of the University of Minnesota and student member of the board of trustees for Cornell University will share their insight and reactions, with the intention of stimulating and spreading goodness.

Your well wishes and online participation is the net beneath our hire wire act. Get your tickets here.

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