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Preparing for the 1% Better Podcast, Made Me Better

“Sounds like you two are old friends,” said the first person in our Good Leadership circle who commented on my recent appearance on a new podcast. The host of the podcast is an accomplished leader in his own right: Craig Thielen, Chief Essentialist, with a professional services firm called Trissential. He and I met via virtual networking during the pandemic. We are not “old friends,” rather “fast friends,” drawn together by our belief that goodness pays in leadership and business.

Like most good podcasters, there was a small amount of preparation provided by the host, and a healthy dose of spontaneity. I hear that from the speakers at the Good Leadership breakfast – they appreciate both. Craig’s approach was very similar. He was really impressive as a host, particularly insightful about the benefits of positive coaching. And accepting of my coaching premise for executives: Clear Head. Clean Heart.

Please consider listening to the podcast here – and supporting Craig’s good work going forward. I know I’m 1% better by being in the circle of Craig’s influence.

Extra credit: I’ve gotten several inquiries about my morning centering routine, which we discussed on the podcast…shoot me a note if you want to know more.

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