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She planted the seed with just one look

Our tradition at the Good Leadership Breakfast is to tell extraordinary stories about how leaders are blending their personal and professional lives for the benefit of others.

The April speaker tapped our inner sense of fairness for basic human rights, and painted a powerful picture of how people can work together to accomplish extraordinary things.  Sandra Schley shared the story of Moses – a small child from a far off land whom she met on a Rotary mission trip.  Well, truthfully, she didn’t actual “meet” Moses…rather, they ‘met eyes’ and exchanged hugs.  She remembered that his face smiled brilliantly, but his eyes were so disfigured that he was impossible to forget.

When Sandra returned to the Twin Cities, her heart compelled her to do something for Moses.  With just one phone call to a fellow Rotarian, she set off a virtual orchestra of medical, legal and business professionals who were compelled to work together by her story.  Moses traveled half way around the globe for life-changing survey to repair his eyes and change his life trajectory.

“It was just one look, and the touch of that boy that created a wonderful burst of teamwork for someone half way around the world,” Schley explained in her presentation.

Today is tax day in the US — and we are experiencing the season of Lent.  Both occasions remind us of how we give of ourselves for the benefit of others.  No one really likes to pay taxes…but deep down inside we all hope our taxes are seed money for good.  My favorite lenten message is the story of the Mustard seed.  Its a miracle how one tiny seed can grow into something so significant that it can change lives forever.

Given the example set by Sandra Schley…what seeds are you planting today?

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