Good Leaders: Who is your role model for promoting fairness?

“Don’t let anyone, at any time take away the power you have over your own direction,” she answered with passionate intensity. The question I asked Rita Johnson-Mills last Friday at the Good Leadership Breakfast: “What was the message you shared with students, when you were the first African American ever invited to speak at your high school’s graduation?”

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Good Leaders: How would vulnerability help your leadership?

Jennifer Myster captivated the Good Leadership Breakfast audience with a rare and honest display of personal and professional vulnerability last Friday. As the president of Buffalo Hospital, her story came alive as she shared the idea that “perfect” is the opposite of excellence. “I wasn’t successful…[until] I started telling people…

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Good Leaders: What would make you give up your Superhero status?

Good Leadership Breakfast Speaker - Jennifer Myster

Jennifer Myster can pinpoint the day she gave up her Superhero quest to please others and started living her own life. While interviewing for her current job as president of Buffalo Hospital, she was asked: “How do you have fun at work?” Wham! That was the gut punch that changed her life. Jennifer Myster is the speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast this Friday. My prediction: her presentation may be…

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