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The Power of Leadership Alignment Retreats

As the leaves start to change, fall brings a sense of rejuvenation and a return to productivity. One effective way to capture the momentum of productivity is through Leadership Alignment Retreats.

At Good Leadership, the Leadership Alignment Retreat does exactly what it says: it aligns leadership. When the team at the top is not aligned, everyone suffers. Facilitated by Good Leadership coaches, Leadership Alignment retreats align executive teams around vision and strategy, as well as helping to narrow the focus of the teams’ Top 3 Can’t Miss Priorities.

Last week, I was at a Leadership Alignment Retreat with one of our healthcare clients. Even though they met once a month to discuss and track progress on the Top 3 Can’t Miss Priorities, they were stuck. The momentum was losing traction. The coach in the room pointed out that one of their shared commitments was practicing healthy tension, so why weren’t they using it? It seemed everyone in the room was holding back what they wanted to say. That’s what was causing the loss of momentum. Everyone on the team looked at each other and recommitted to exercising healthy tension on a daily basis, and to be more candid with each other. By fostering an environment of alignment, commitment, and open accountability, the retreat allowed them to promise to be more open with each other.

As fall approaches, it’s time for organizations to consider the benefits of Leadership Alignment Retreats. These retreats not only realign leaders and teams but also provide a safe space for introspection, growth, and collaboration. By encouraging healthy tension and open dialogue, organizations can overcome obstacles, renew their momentum, and pave the way for greater success. As you “get back to work” this fall, consider the power of Leadership Alignment Retreats and how Good Leadership can take your team to the next level of alignment, commitment, and open accountability.

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