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What’s expected of young leaders today?

The Good Leadership Breakfast this year celebrates young leaders via Livestream on Thursday, August 20, 2020.

This blog comes from the perspective of a middle-aged white male. When I was a “young leader” society was wrestling with super-high interest rates, the beginnings of the transparent corporate greed, and the onset of AIDS. While I never stopped to consider the thought, I’m sure there were “existing leaders” who were worried about the direction of our society when I was a young leader. And I’m sure they were expecting young leaders like me to carve a better path forward.

That was then, this is now: COVID-related fear and isolation, international travel bans, soaring unemployment, rising global temperatures, and unprecedented protests over racial injustice.

The question at hand

Is our world changing for better or for worse? We’ll ask that question using audience response technology.

Is our world changing for better or worse? We expect our “young leaders” today to answer for “better.” We, the established leaders, need to help carving a better path forward for them. We did our best – and we know it can be done better.  Young leaders are aspirational people in their teens and 20s, who are exploring their ability to make things better for others. If young leaders learn to believe in goodness, goodness can be found everywhere. When we see goodness, then goodness grows. It’s contagious.

Carving a better path forward

Next week Thursday, August 20, Kevin Warren – Commissioner of the Big Ten Athletic Conference – will help us understand:

  • Why is being a young leader so exciting today?
  • How can we all work together to make things better for more people?
  • What’s the first step to take in the journey, so we can all thrive together?

Call to action: we need your help!

The readers of this blog are established leaders who are active in the lives of helping young leaders grow and prosper. We need you to invite young leaders, in their teens and 20s, to hear Kevin Warren and me build momentum for the idea: goodness pays.  The breakfast will be held live in Minneapolis/St. Paul, with a Livestream more information available here. One leader in a school system sent me this note: “We have seventy 9th-12th grade leaders of Arts, Athletics, Student Council, and FFA invited to attend. We will be watching together, on a big screen in our event center!”

Register today:  Masters Alliance, Good Leadership Breakfast for Young Leaders – presented by TCF Bank.


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