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What’s the Message We All Need to Hear?

Last week we chose “Yes!” The Good Leadership team found a way to proceed with the Good Leadership Breakfast Series, with a summertime focus on Young Leaders. It wasn’t an easy decision, but the confidence and encouragement by J Allen of Masters Alliance and Mike Jones of TCF Bank helped cut through the confusion. Ultimately, we all decided the mission of the Breakfast needed to be heard: Spreading goodness through good leaders, because we’ve proven goodness pays.

ONLINE: Thursday, August 20, 9 AM Central Standard Time

We’re floating the ship in uncharted waters. No one really knows how to bring people together, while navigating social distancing mandates and a meteoric rise in racial tensions. Here’s what we do know: We’re all learning how to learn and grow with the internet as our channel. We’re figuring out how to create a sense of community, around important subjects we share by “zooming.” And we don’t expect all of this to end anytime soon. So, the show must go on.

Building excitement

The purpose of the Young Leaders breakfast is for established leaders to invite/host/introduce young leaders to the core concepts of good leaders, and how goodness pays. The adrenalin for this event when I asked the question of our sponsors: What do you think young leaders need to hear?

  • Good leaders grow stronger through adversity, if they learn to find the goodness in everything
  • Goodness comes alive when we find ways to thrive together
  • The burden of regret is far greater than the fear associated with taking a stand
  • It’s easier to radiate goodness when your life is in a good place
  • We need to take care of each other, using the Seven Fs as our guide: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun and future

With this outline, how can we fail? The vision is to produce the “mother-of-all-zoom meetings,” where people from all across the land gather via Livestream. I will host the meeting, and introduce keynote speaker Kevin Warren, the historic Commissioner of the Big Ten conference. With 14,000 student-athletes under his wing, he’s the perfect person to speak with young leaders about goodness, hope, and perseverance.

Live, interactive participation

You will contribute to the meeting through live polling. You will self-assess your life on the Seven Fs Wheel. You will multiply the gifts of others through online giving with the Bucket of Goodwill. And you will have the choice to accept the Good Leadership Challenge – a structured program produced by Good Leadership for young leaders and mentors to grow together.

So now the choice is yours: will you choose “yes,” or “no” to the question: Will you join us for an historic presentation of the Good Leadership Young Leaders breakfast? Register here.


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