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When will you travel again?

My first flight since the pandemic was to Kansas City to see clients. It was smooth sailing.

So much of life since the pandemic has been re-thinking the assumptions about why we do the things we do. And re-evaluating. Last week I answered the question: “When will I travel again?”

Re-discovering normal

For many leaders like me, the sudden stop in travel was life-altering. I found lots of extra time while grounded, and that felt good. And we learned how to sustain relationships and advance strategies through the internet. That was important.

But as each week passed, I found myself wondering out loud: “When will I travel again?” A client in Kansas City provided the invitation – their team was itching to get back together to develop mid-course strategies in their business. And I was itching to get back to my craft.

Deciding together

We gathered the Good Leadership team for a firm-wide discussion: “Do we think it’s a good idea for me to accept the invitation?” I’m so happy we made the decision together.

The airport was a ghost town. I felt both eerie and safe.

My attitude was curious and a little anxious, but mostly adventurous! As expected, the airport was a ghost town. And Delta Airlines did a great job of making us feel welcome and safe. The Lyft and Uber drivers were so happy to see me. The hotel was immaculate and surprisingly warm and welcoming. And the client team was grateful for the attention.

Good work, meaningful progress

I facilitated three meetings: two masked, and one in a restaurant. It was the first face-to-face meeting for all three teams. The conversations were deeply personal and intense…so many things to express and explore. The only issue for me: twice I hyperventilated, feeling trapped inside my mask.

The point of this blog is simple: When you are ready, the world is also ready for you to travel again. Just do what we have been taught to do: wash your hands, wear your mask on the plane, and when your clients ask…and keep a reasonable distance. Only you will know when you are ready. Carpe diem.

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