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Where do you see positive momentum around you?

In October of 2018, a full house heard how Mr. Joseph Otting’s career included 35 years in banking, before accepting the call to service in Washington DC, as the Comptroller of the US Currency.

This Friday is the last meeting of the 2019 Spring Series of the Good Leadership Breakfast. With the help of our speaker Phil McKoy of UnitedHealthcare, our team will have completed our 76th meeting over 9 1/2 years. Our team can still see and feel positive momentum in our breakfast series. Here are signs the momentum is still growing:

  • Including conferences, happy hours, and breakfasts, more than 18,000 guests have attended Good Leadership events
  • The generosity of Good Leadership Breakfast guests has created a movement of living generously.

    Since the first copy of What Really Works was published 8 years ago, more than 30,000 books about The Seven Fs, Bucket Lists, and How Goodness Pays have been distributed

  • In partnership with HANDy Paint Pail inventor, Mark Bergman, guests have donated nearly $300,000 to local charities through “The Bucket of Goodwill”
  • Clients, sponsors, and business partners are spreading the “goodness pays” message on four continents
  • Guests are nominating leaders in their organizations as “proof points” that goodness pays
  • Two new books are underway about Teams and Breakthrough Thinking

As we take the months of June and July off from the breakfast series to rest and re-tool, we will be dreaming about version 2.0 of the Good Leadership Breakfast. When the Fall season is complete in November, we will have finished 10 years with the same format. It feels good, and yet, that milestone has me asking, “What’s next?”

If you see signs of positive momentum you’d like to share, please shoot me a note. It you have ideas for “what’s next?” for the Good Leadership Breakfast, I’d like to hear that too.

And thank you for making the time to include this blog in your day. We are grateful for how you spread goodness.

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