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Good Leaders: Curious about the Fat Belly Photo Caption Contest winners?

Thanks for sending entries into the Fat Belly Photo Caption Contest.

In August, you helped me have some “fun” with “fitness” through your enthusiastic participation in our “Fat Belly Photo Caption Contest.” Seriously, this was our most engaging conversation in almost 8 years of blogging about goodness, and the Seven Fs: faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, fun, and future.

Our health is our wealth

The contest was inspired by my relationship with fitness guru Chris Freytag, who was our speaker at the Good Leadership Breakfast in August. Her energetic message: “Our health is our wealth,” inspired many to do some painful introspection, and find new ways to create a fitness routine that added “fun” to their lives. It’s serious business!

Captions worth sharing:

Let’s begin with the help from Leah Nelson who quoted Kelsey Grammer, in the role of Frasier, on the hit TV show:

  • “I can’t understand why I’m not loosing weight, I’ve added a salad to every one of my meals.”

And there were four different versions of, “Do these pants make me look fat?”

Which naturally leads to maternity jokes: “My ‘due date’ is TODAY!!!”  Or, “Time For a Fitness Birth,” and “Seriously, how long will it take for that to burst?”

The inevitable:

  • Who wants a 6-pack when you can have a party ball?” – from Bruce Langer
  • “I swear I am going to start exercising…tomorrow.” – from Sheila Posthumus
  • “Keg abs beat 6 pack abs!” – from Rob Severson
  • “I’m a gluten for punishment.” – from Beau Nordby

Curiously funny, and worth mentioning:

  • “Winter blues have you feeling a bit heavy?” – from Rhonda Arnold
  • “This is not the watermelon I ate last weekend.” – from Robert Wieber
  • “Would she still be as excited to say ‘I DO’ today?” – from Sue Mulkern

The winners:

Honorable mention:  Jennifer Krempin, created an enterprise leadership angle that I find humorous: “I’ve heard that some organizations ‘eat their young,’ but this is ridiculous!” Good job Jennifer!

First Runner up: Tim Jenneke, after listening to Chis Freytag at the Good Leadership Breakfast in August and being optimistic about the connection between fitness and future. “Beer today, gone tomorrow.”

And the Grand Prize winner is…
Lonna Peterson who made the goodness connection totally obvious: “I wanted to lead with my heart, not my belly…” 

Good leaders understand their health is their wealth. And they are willing to poke fun at themselves to keep their fitness journey light, easy and joyful.

A special thanks to all who participated – please join me in congratulating Lonna Peterson.

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