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Good Leaders: What do you listen to for inspiration?

Kelsey Meyer Schalkle is one of my co-hosts on our podcast series.

The term “Monday Morning Quarterback” typically describes experts reviewing and critiquing every aspect of how their favorite NFL team performed in Sunday’s game. Here’s why that’s relevant to you: Today is the launch of the Goodness Pays Leadership Podcast. The first series is devoted to re-broadcasting the intriguing speakers from the Good Leadership Breakfast Series. In tinkering with our strategy, we landed on “Monday Morning Quarterback” for our unique angle on both the “leadership” and “podcasting” topics which are so popular today.

Launch day today

Beginning today, you can listen in on two people from the Good Leadership Team reviewing and critiquing the message from speakers at recent Good Leadership Breakfast meetings. In this first year of podcasting, the reviewing personalities include coach Kelsey Meyer Schalkle, writer, producer Chloe Radcliffe and me. The melding of our point of view has been inspiring – Kelsey is in her 30s, Chloe in her 20s, and I’m just coming into prime time (55 next month.) Our podcast producer is 20-something Tasha Herlofsky, whose passion and persistence pulled our disjointed process forward. You can read a past issue of this blog, which highlights our trials and tribulations in getting started!

Richard Leider is just one of the many inspirational Good Leadership Breakfast speakers we’ll be expanding the Goodness Pays conversation around.

Who to feature, what to say?

The intrigue started when we negotiated to which of the 60+ breakfast speakers to feature in this launch package. You probably know by now my intention for choosing speakers is to provide a multicultural mosaic of perspectives on good leadership: first-half & second-half of career, capitalists & not-for-profits, men & women. With that wide filter we chose the first three:

  • Richard Leider, International Best Selling Author, and Founder of Inventure. Topic: The Power of Purpose – Have you found your purpose in life? How about choosing the words “grow and give?”
  • Liwanag Ojala, CEO of Caring Bridge. Topic: A Currency of Goodness. She calls for changing how we view currency: How can you be the richest you’ve ever been without measuring in dollars?
  • Kevin Warren, COO of the Minnesota Vikings. Topic: The Necessity of Gratitude. This eposide features a harrowing story of injury, self-reflection, and recovery that ultimately propelled Kevin to the highest ranking African American business executive in the NFL.
Jurriaan Kamp provides optimistic topics for our Goodness Pays conversations in our fifth podcast episode.

Looking ahead

It’s best to get started with the pilot episode: it’s where we explain the “Why” behind this podcast, and introduce our “voice.” It’s called “How Goodness Pays.”

From now going forward, we will also podcast every speaker from the breakfast series. So, the fifth podcast features Jurriaan Kamp, Founder of the Intelligent Optimist. Topic: Overcoming the Dark Noise. If you choose to listen to two or more, you will recognize “The Goodness Tune” – an original composition just for use in the podcasts and our breakfast series.

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Good leaders push the limits of their comfort zone when they believe in their vision. And they build a team of experts around them to make great things possible.

Thank you to Tasha, Kelsey, Chloe, Beau, Katie, Benny, Erin, Kathy, and a mysterious sound-mixing guy I’ve never met.

Please share with me: What do you listen to for inspiration?

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