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Good Leaders: What’s creating the buzz in your office?

The 2018 Fall Good Leadership Breakfast August speaker, Lindsey Riley, was a rock star in the Good Leadership offices last week.

Last week, the world headquarters of Good Leadership Enterprises in Edina was all a buzz. The playbills for the Fall Good Leadership Breakfast Series arrived. Despite the fact that the we’re about to host our 18th season…we still feel like kids at Christmas whenever we tear open the box from the printer to smell the ink on the playbills, which reveal our slate of speakers.

Then, interns Jack and Tony began the process of mailing a couple thousand playbills in the branded bright yellow envelopes.

What made the office buzz this week was the official visit to the Good Leadership offices by Lindsey Riley, the August speaker. Tasha and I interrupted the interns to personally introduce them to Lindsey. Suddenly, Lindsey was an intra-office rock star in the eyes of two college students. What fun!

Here’s what’s in store this season:

Pahoua Yang Hoffman is the speaker on September 21.

August 17

The first breakfast of the fall series showcases the Masters Alliance Young Leader version of the Good Leadership Breakfast Series. What that means is every ticket holder has the opportunity to bring a “young leader,” for free, to help plant the goodness pays message early in the leaders of the future. We’ll introduce the young leaders so Lindsey, a former Make A Wish Child, who is enjoying a leadership career in Program Management at Medtronic as well as being a wife and mother of two.

September 21

With autumn on the horizon, we will introduce you to Pahoua Yang Hoffman. She is a breath of fresh air, serving as the Executive Director of the Citizens League, a non-profit think tank based in St. Paul. She is the first in her family to go to college, to complete grad school, and the first female to hold the role of Executive Director.

Joseph Otting will step out of his Treasury Department role in D.C. to visit the Good Leadership Breakfast in October.

October 19

When a top-ranked member of the current presidential administration visits the breakfast, it’s difficult to avoid being “political” at the Good Leadership Breakfast. Joseph Otting is no stranger to Good Leadership, or to the concepts behind “goodness pays.” He’s been a client of the firm since we started back in 2010. We’ll get a glimpse of what it’s like to serve our country in the highest order…through the eyes of a kid who started his leadership on his father’s used car lot in Iowa.

Greg Cunningham will close the season – he’s a dynamic leader who is shaping US Bank’s culture around global diversity and inclusion.

November 16

Greg Cunningham is one of those people who just radiates the energy we call “goodness.” He and I shared the stage at the Minnesota Business Power 50 event this spring. Greg’s mission at work is to make diversity and inclusion a business imperative. In order to do this, he focuses on workplace culture, customer loyalty, supplier diversity, and community outreach. His personal brand tag line is, “Let’s do better.”

With such a strong line-up, the only way to guarantee you have tickets is to purchase a season ticket package. We expect a full house at each of these Friday mornings this fall – our 18th season!

Good Leaders capture the buzz in their workplace as fuel for spreading goodness. And they share that goodness with others, because goodness pays.

Please share with me: What’s creating a buzz in your office?

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