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Good Leaders: Will you capture the moment to grow some goodness in a young leader?

J Allen (center) was the inspiration behind the Masters Alliance Young Leaders, Good Leadership Breakfast. Janet Benton, (left) is bringing her TCO colleague Katherine Schipper (right) to the breakfast to help her grow with goodness.

This morning I spent some time reflecting on all of the mentors along my journey who helped me see what’s possible in my life. Teachers, coaches, family, friends, bosses – mostly people who had no idea they were role-modeling a life of goodness for me. One person in particular, our family physician Larry Finney, helped me see a picture of who I could be when I grew up. The question for me now is: Who am I doing that for?

Announcing the Masters Alliance Young Leaders, Good Leadership Breakfast

One of my current friends, partners and mentors, J Allen, founder of Masters Alliance is role-modeling how goodness grows through mentoring. He’s about 20 years ahead of me in the journey, and he’s still a vital CEO. Wow! It was J’s idea for us to create a Good Leadership Breakfast focused specifically on young leaders. “I was very fortunate to have mentors who encouraged me to move along in my career,” he shared. “I gave the Good Leadership team the idea to do the Young Leaders breakfast, because I think we can do more to encourage young leaders to grow their careers with goodness. The world needs it.”  Masters Alliance is the sponsor for the young leaders event in August.

The Good Leadership Breakfast is a great place to help young leaders grow in their career around the idea: Goodness Pays.

Friday, August 17 is the date – all sponsors and ticket holders have the opportunity to bring along a young leader as a complimentary guest, courtesy of J Allen. Get tickets here.

“I’m so excited to see where all the positivity comes from,” said Katherine Schipper, a coordinator with Twin Cities Orthopedics. She’s a twenty-something leader whose life experience includes being the captain of the University of Minnesota Women’s Hockey team. With TCO, she’s applying her marketing and entrepreneurial management degree to help them grow with goodness. “For a couple of years now, I’ve seen and felt the positivity that returns to the office after my role models inside TCO come back from a Good Leadership Breakfast. I’m curious about the goodness message. Now it’s my turn to see what it’s all about!”

Katherine will be the guest of Janet Benton, Director of Business Development at TCO. “When I heard about the Young Leaders breakfast, Katherine immediately came to mind. And I know she’s going to meet some really good people, that’s one of my favorite parts of the breakfast. I can’t wait to see how many other mentors bring young leaders with them in August.”

What is goodness to Katherine and Janet?

The summer interns from our firm Jack (center) and Tony (right) will be our Young Leader guests – Who are you bringing with you?

“Goodness to me is about teamwork – being a team player and helping other people succeed,” observed Katherine. “It’s definitely not a power thing.” Her mentor Janet added, “It’s about leading and getting things done in the mentality of serving others with kindness – people will reciprocate kindness. And it’s about being strong as a leader through fairness and good communication. 

For me, I’m finding joy and purpose in thinking back to my own roots. I’m tracing the steps on the path to where we are today. It will be fun to tell our story, and spark “What’s possible!?” thinking in the leaders whose decisions will shape the society we live in going forward. It’s exciting!

Good leaders recognize and appreciate all of the mentors and role models who helped them grow with goodness. And they pay it forward, by mentoring young leaders for our future.

The Good Leadership Team will have several young leaders in the room: interns Jack and Tony, and at least a couple of Batz kids.

Please share with me: Who will be at the Masters Alliance Young Leaders, Good Leadership Breakfast with you?


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